Olga Victoria Cediño-Kali
3 min readOct 15, 2020

It has been such a long time since I had time to reflect on the things I did. To try and see which things I did superbly and which things I failed miserably. Suddenly I realized I’m losing myself in the hustle and bustle of the career I’ve chosen to take. Though right now I am admittedly very happy with my life, then again I also admit that I haven’t had the time to pour out my emotions through my best outlet, that is writing and composing. It is in this that I can shell out all the emotions I have deep inside. And now I am given the chance to use this outlet again, especially now.

Being alone in a place where you don’t have your good old friends would put a damper on your moods and make you contemplate things, especially those memories when you had the best days of your life with friends and mentors. I’ve always thought that I know how to choose good friends and looking back, I laugh and say, yeah I have the best circle of friends ever, and I thank God for giving them to me. They are those kinds of friends who will be with you through your ups and downs, support you without a moment’s hesitation. Sila yung tipong papatay ng tao just for the sake of a friend. And right now I miss them so much.

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In those long grueling years of trying to cope with my studies, I had my closest friends, my best buddies through thick and thin, through the academe and the world of fun whom I can rely on. They are the ones who are very much willing to listen to my incessant whining and complaints, very open to my outbursts about different things, and likewise, I was one of those very much willing to bail them out of any misadventure or mishap they happen to get involved in. In short, those were the times when we had each other at arms reach, we have each other just one call and text away. In a snap we’d all be huddled together and plan our next devious move, may it be in mischief or in a cause for what we believe in. Those times seemed an eternity away already, and I do miss those moments a lot…painfully missed it.

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Just as sudden as lightning, we were moving on and taking different paths in our lives. Yes, we do communicate, but the change was like turning at a 180-degree angle. A total shift in our lives. I am happy though that each one of us is working out our successful careers, yet the nostalgic reminiscing of laughter while strolling at the malls still makes me wistful. When can we all get together and relive the past? No one knows. But I am hoping that even if the winds of change may have blown us apart and is still blowing us farther away from each other as days pass by, may the bonds of our friendship stay strong and may it be enough to surpass the times that we will be away from each other. Instead of estrangement, I hope that we may be able to cultivate our friendship in each other’s hearts for as long as eternity.

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Olga Victoria Cediño-Kali